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Rental of online telephone exchanges.

With your central cloud service you get a free local number in: United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain or Israel.

Smartphone application, you can have one or more extensions on your cell phone, PC application, SIP protocol IP phone or traditional landline. Control panel for online customers 24/7 Call recording of all or some users From 1 to 500 Users Consultation of balance and rates for online calls. Free local DID number included Free calls between users and branches; no matter the geographic location of users or branches In Offline, you can activate call forwarding, enabled to divert to national and international numbers from your panel or device Multi-language platform Call groups, you can set up various departments, sales, management and others IVR Virtual Receptionist, personalized welcome greeting, in each telephone number, department or user of the central VozMail forwarded MP3 messages to each user’s emails Prefix assignment for speed calls Master Balance, you can use a single prepared balance, add extensions for other users, in your master account, with this control the expense of all users, access a single control report and general expense General control of call times and records, of your account or users Live call monitoring and reporting User administration, creation and deletion of your agents from the control panel Music on hold, you can use ads from your company or music Report download option In the case of several users: it has permission levels, its users only allow access to their flame report, not to the general of the company Statistics of your payments made You can add local numbers in more than 70 countries in the world

PBX packages



Pbx – 1 to 3 users

Monthly payment $ 25


Pbx – 4 to 8 users

Monthly payment $ 40

Pbx – 9 to 12 users

Monthly payment $ 65


Pbx – 13 to 18 users

Monthly payment $ 85

Pbx – 19 to 25 users

Monthly payment $ 115

Pbx – 26 to 50 users

Monthly payment $ 175

Control Panel


From your online control panel you can manage all accounts, control and live reporting 24/7 with a single administrative panel

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